What the World Has Never Seen (WTWHNS) is an international photo project that goes to 8 countries on 5 continents to ask persons "What can you show us that has never been seen before?" The revelations of persons found are documented and then published in an exclusive and limited edition photo book ready early 2013.

WTWHNS is about intimacy and privacy. By documenting what are personal secrets and publishing them in a photo book in an edition of only 200, this photo project initiates a public discussion about how we respect intimacy and privacy.

WTWHNS is a photo project of Vanya Pieters, Derk Bettonviel, Pieter Eeltink, Paula Gordillo, Sven Gerrets, Anatoly Melnikow, Heleen Peeters, Ilkcan Diker, Job Jonathan Schlingemann and Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski.

The team has started the project in August 2011 in New York, USA.
It was followed by:
Moscow-Russia, (October 2011),
Istanbul-Turkey, (November 2011),
Soppong-Thailand (January 2012),
Buenos Aires-Argentina (March 2012)
Jerusalem-Israel (September 2012).
In the coming months Kampala-Uganda and Amsterdam-the Netherlands will be the next destinations to perform WTWHNS.
In the coming months Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Jerusalem and Oosterhout (Holland) will be the next destinations.

What WTWHNS participants from the countries visited show can be seen on this website.